Mercantile Building

The Mercantile Building was built and used at the 1949 fair.  During the fair it is used to showcase various local vendors.  Year-round this building hosts various types of shows including antique shows gun shows, train shows, motorcycle and auto swap meets, and rabbit shows.  Renovations and upgrades recently provided by a grant from the […]

CTC Shelter House

The Highlands United Church of Christ building that was a familiar sight at the fair was originally a tent.  Highlands started serving food and became a mainstay for generations of families involved in 4H as well as patrons of the fair.  In 1955 a permanent structure was built.  It was referred to as the Highlands […]

2019 Jr Fair Sales

Please contact Cathy Hays at 937.450.1194 with any questions. Or email her at You may register for a buyers number by clicking here.   *****Junior Fair Sales Rules**** *****Multiple Buyers Form*****

Dog Barn

In 1948 this site was the location of the South Charleston Methodist Church restaurant.  The restaurant was operated by the church for many years before becoming the Produce Barn with displays of all the fruits and vegetables.  The next use of the building was for the dog clubs and so it became the Dog Barn.  […]